Wish to make someone's birthday a bit special?

I'm sure that this scenario is relatable to everyone. You must've wrecked your brain thinking about the perfect gift for someone's birthday at some point in your life. Although your wish is for your own birthday to be made special by your loved ones, do you even realize that you could get in a lot of trouble if YOU actually forget the birthday of someone close?!

So what's the big fuss about this particular day in a person's life that their partner and friends are supposed to rivet their undivided attention to this? Let's look at this from both of the possible perspectives.

If it's your birthday!

Doesn't everyone like being someone's center of attention, atleast for a while? Ofcourse, all of us do! Even though all of us don't have the same kind of way to accept and revert back this attention upon receiving, still both kinds of people, who love celebrating their birthday and those who are a bit skeptical due to their 'not-so-good' past experience, feel immense pleasure when are gestured with love and care on this day. It is something that is hardwired into us. So when it's your own birthday, you just expect that your partner and atleast, the closest of friends, should focus on you. This day of the year, you are required to be shown that you matter to them and your presence in their life is something of a reason to celebrate. If the above reason doesn't satisfy you to get excited for your own birthday, you can think of the more important reasons (*coughs*), which include those tempting presents, a party from your friends and the exertion of your "it's my birthday so I can do whatever I want" birthright.

If it's the birthday of someone close!

Now that we've established that everyone loves themselves some attention, that's still not enough for you to get so elated over someone else's birthday right? But if you are close to that person, you'd notice that around their birthday, your sloth starts to fade away and you get a little amped up while thinking of gifts and some romantic/ emotional gestures to make them feel special. This happens because the actual subconscious reason to celebrate their birthday is that you are glad and also thankful that this person was born on that specific day and entered into your life. If their birthday had even a single day's alteration, it would've caused a ripple effect in their destiny, having some discernible changes and thus, you two might've never even met. So when somebody expects you to be excited about their birthday, they basically want you to show them some appreciation about the fact that their presence matters in your life.

Now let's address the topic that you've been waiting for!


Let's start with the most important element, the Cake! Besides being a good omen to have something sweet on a special day, it is actually fun to apply a little 'cake - makeup' on their face, right?

The next step that induces a lot of dilemmas, is choosing a birthday gift. Sometimes, even after giving it a lot of thought, your gift isn't deemed good enough. To prevent this, the first thing to consider is, who's the one you wanna give the present to? If it's some colleague or an acquaintance, a normal present that is relevant and appropriate, would work. But if it's someone really close, it should be something special. For this, you have to analyze their nature a bit. For example, if a girl likes a lot of romantic movies, and want something done to be of an exceptional or a dreamy- cheesy level, you might want to think a little big like decorating her house beautifully and leaving little appreciative notes everywhere. Otherwise, even something private like an intimate romantic dinner would do! On the other hand, if you're a girl and wish to do something for your partner, just remember the fact that sometimes, a guy likes to show off in front of his friends, the fact that you are his girlfriend and you love him. So, anything that aids in this would be a lovely gift. Ofcourse, these are just examples and you have to be the judge as to what would be the most euphoric gift for someone.

But it is not at all necessary that tangible items have to be gifted. An emotional paragraph over WhatsApp or a handmade card, portraying your feelings and emotions is sometimes more than enough. I know it's a little unconventional for guys to do this, but the reality is that girls love it when a guy gets aroused emotionally for them and can stir up feelings of extreme elation when it is given. Occasionally, people might even say that you're overdoing it a bit, yet you have to continue with what you think is the best way to bring a smile on their face. Now, if you're still persistent about a materialistic gift, a simple and useful gift like a wallet or a purse or anything that you find appropriate for them, would always compliment the primal gift.
Just a little pro tip, don't expect to a see a genuine smile until and unless you work hard for their birthday and it is evident from your gesture.

The last thing that acts like a cherry on the top is the element of surprise. It's because the person isn't prepared to receive something which you have planned for, and thus, there is an avalanche of emotions when they finally get your gift (no matter how much they display on the surface). A simple surprise party or a surprise visit or anything that they won't anticipate at all, would do the trick.

Now you get the gist right? No one wishes to leave their comfort zone. So doing something that would require hard work and efforts would basically show the person that they are special enough for you to do that and thus, your gift would be appreciated.
P.S do not forget about that special birthday hug or the kiss. ;)

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