What to do when she gets mad?

                         What to do when she gets mad?

I suppose guys can either learn something from this post or at least relate to it. Girls, you just have one simple job, validate it!

Girls are often deemed to be complicated most of the times. The most common saying is that "Girls say one thing while they mean the exact opposite when they are mad". This statement is neither completely true nor completely false. There are certain situations in which this statement holds ground, while in the others, guys are the ones who complicate it by overthinking due to this preconceived notion.

So let's just establish a 2 step protocol here to tackle this scenario!


That is the first step. Identification of the reason that got her mad? Nope! Not even close! The first step is for you to basically identify that she IS mad or even upset for that matter. If you're fighting and she storms off or blows you off, you know that she's mad. But that isn't the case everytime. You might even want to consider yourself somewhat lucky if it is, because sometimes, a girl tends to remain alienated or talk to her friends or anyone but you after a fight. She needs her space. And to make this happen, she'll usually ask for it directly or just simply pretend that she's fine.

The reason that she might be pretending to be 'fine' might be to just see your next move as to whether or not you're smart enough to not fall for this false pretense and care for her enough to not leave her alone at this point of time even after she's explicitly told you to do so. This is usually the case, where it all gets confused up because a girl might sometimes want you to be with her but not say so herself. You have to see through it and not just be freewheeling at that moment. But mind it, when there's some space required, you have to give it to her so as to not crowd and suffocate her and just let her be for a little while. It's important to believe that everything would be alright eventually.


Now the second step's a little tricky. You got to recognize and differentiate between the above-mentioned cases.

The easiest way is to observe her behaviour. Generally, if a girl is mad at you, she'll either stop talking to you completely or twit you or give you those one-word replies or make you realize that you've done something wrong in her own way. On the other hand, if she's disconcerted over something, she'll usually tell you that, and would want you to solace her or give her some space. Sometimes pestering her lightly also does the trick and she just ends up uttering out impulsively what's the matter.
Pro tip: Never ever ask her, not even as a joke, whether she's upset maybe because it's her time of the month. Girls never like that because it shows your lack of interest in the other matters in her life and portrays some level of insensitivity too.

When she's upset:
Well, this is kind of easy to recognize. Most of the times in this case, she tells you that she's upset and needs her space. In this case, all you have to do is exactly that. Let her vent out whatever she wants to and be a good listener and if she asks, leave her alone for a while for her to figure out some stuff herself. But leaving her alone doesn't mean to completely shut her out for a while. Also, asking her repeatedly to tell you what's bothering her at that instant might irritate or frustrate her. So you got to find some middle ground. For example, doing some romantic gesture like random texts such as "I'm here for you whenever you need me", "I love you no matter what", etc. and thus supporting her, might just simply bring a smile on her face and give her the strength to face her difficulties alone.

When she's Mad:
Come the worst case scenario that she's mad at you for something you did, intentionally or not, the first thing you have to do is some damage control. Apologize for what you do did. But first, listen to her, let her speak her heart out, treat her with respect, don't joke around in a serious moment and finally when she's made her point, then apologize. If you feel it's not your fault, make your case and present all the points in a civilized manner. Shouting and swearing never helps because anger against anger would just induce ego in both of you. But if it is your fault, don't just apologize, show her that you realize your fault and are willing to make it up to her. 

No girl wants to hear "sorry" repeatedly. All she wants is for you to make her feel important and pamper her a bit to make her smile again. But if she's too angry at first, give her some space to calm down and then try and resolve the issue and just tell her later that you missed her. Sometimes all this cheeziness and romance helps prevent settling of those grudges in her mind.

There might be instances when you know its not your fault and you can't figure out any legit reason as to why is she really mad in the first place. This might be the case when she's just testing you. Sometimes, girls tend to throw tantrums around and get mad just to see how you react to it and how do you make up to her. This is a classic move of a girl to show off in front of her friends as to how far would her guy go to make her smile again. If you don't understand this scenario that she isn't actually mad for a legit reason and do nothing in return to pamper her, this might actually get her expectations hurt and you might really have an impending fight in the near future.

It is safe to say now that all you gotta do to make her happy again is to pay attention to her and show that you care for her and love her while being patient and supportive. Also, no matter how much effort you have to put in and how much it frustrates you sometimes, never threaten to leave her, even if kidding. It literally creates negative vibes and grudges in the mind subconsciously which would be brought up and retorted to later. Alas, In the end, you know what's best for your girl and how to handle her little quirks.

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